Big 3 Bundle (Purple)

Big 3 Bundle (Purple)

Our new Big 3 Bundle is the perfect natural trifecta for your health & wellness! It contains a 1oz bag of premium gold chondrus crispus sea moss, 1oz of bladderwrack powder and 1oz of burdock root powder.


Just add a generous teaspoon of each (burdock root & bladderwrack) to your sea moss gel before blending and you have a vitamin/nutrient POWERBOMB!


Each bundle should yield at least two jars of sea moss gel in an 8-16 oz mason jar.


Sea Moss Benefits


  •   92 essential minerals
  •   Boosts immunity
  •   Detoxifies the body
  •    Antimicrobial & antiviral
  •   Excellent source of calcium & protein
  •   Vitamins C, B, B12, K and A
  •   Produces collagen
  •   Ideal for healthy skin
  •   Supports healthy brain function
  •   Fights the signs of aging
  •   Great for thyroid balance


Bladderwrack Benefits


The scientific name is Fucus Vesiculosus. It is a rich source of beta-carotene, potassium and many other organic compounds that make it a true superfood.

Bladderwrack supports the health and longevity of the macula and naturally assist our vision. It also has powerful properties that can support healthy inflammation levels in the joints. It promotes healthy digestion and is ideal for weight loss, as it increases metabolism. Bladderwrack can also support our heart health and healthy aging.


It promotes a healthy brain, thyroid, bones, lungs, energy levels, immune response and mood.


Burdock Root Benefits


Burdock Root supports a healthy inflammatory response and is a powerful free radical scavenger. It can purify the blood, discourage germs, manage fever, and is used as a diuretic to support healthy urine flow.


It is also used to discourage irregular cell growth, colds, Gastrointestinal issues, joint pain, bladder discomfort and buildup of uric acid in the toes. Burdock Root is frequently used as an aphrodisiac and a topical treatment for various issues such as chronic blemishes, and dry, flakey, unsightly skin conditions.

  • Care Instructions

    After blending your items into a gel, the shelf life is typically 2-3 weeks (refrigerated).